October 13th 2015

Spent a lovely weekend with friends in Gloucestershire, and then yesterday went on to The Haven Clinic in Ashburton, Devon, for some healing with Matthew Manning.  Hoping that Matthew's healing hands will help to produce yet another clear result when I visit Addenbrooke's hospital next week for a routine ultrasound scan.


November 11th 2015

I'm okay at the moment.  I need another check-up scan in January, but will also be having an operation on my right eye in early January to counteract the side-effects of the radiation I've had in the past.   The operation will open the lacrimal duct which the radiation has slightly blocked, and will stop my right eye from being sore and watery every time I go outside.  The left eye was operated on several years back and so far I've had no more trouble.  Not looking forward to another general anaesthetic, but hey, ho, it's got to be done.

November 24th 2015

Organised a great party at the weekend in the village hall for my youngest son Matthew, who is now 30.  It makes me feel old!  Caterers, disco and barman did a grand job.  Thanks to all who came along and brought presents!

January 26th 2016

What a great day I had yesterday!  Not only do I have a non-watery eye now after the DCR operation on 7th January, I also now have a clear ultrasound scan at the moment and a normal bone profile.  I shall never know whether this is due to the surgery I had or the healing, but whoever is responsible for my new-found healthy body this is just to let them know that I am eternally grateful!  Just for added insurance I've booked another session of healing on April 4th!

February 3rd 2016

I've just joined the Facebook group Thyroid Cancer UK (please see link below).  It's a great place to meet other thyroid cancer sufferers and learn about their treatment journeys. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1004224852933944/ 

March 12th 2016

Celebrating having found a good publisher for my latest novel (all my novels are written under a pseudonym) , who is also interested in my back catalogue.  I'm slowly building up my author platform from the comfort of my front room; I think it's the best job I've ever had!  If I hadn't had cancer in the first place, I'd still be working as a medical secretary......

August 4th 2016

Just received another clear ultrasound scan.  Very pleased!  Check ups have now stretched to every 6 months instead of 3. 

August 29th 2016

Also received a normal mammogram!  The gods are smiling on me at the moment.  I'll try not to make them angry again....

November 8th 2016

I now have a WordPress blog!  You can find me on https://cancerthyroid.wordpress.com/ 

January 10th 2017

Happy New Year!  Let's hope it's a healthy one as well as a happy one!

April 25th 2017

What an eventful year it has been so far, and not what I was expecting either.  I'm writing it all down in my new book, and will publish just as soon as I can.

August 10th 2017

Yes, life has dealt me a few lemons this year, but I'm feeling okay at the moment and  will publish 'Relapse!' on September 1st.  Watch out for it!

August 30th 2017

'Relapse!' is published.  Here's the worldwide purchase link:   http://bookShow.me/B07571NYWG 

November 29th 2017

Feeling okay still.  Had a clear scan last week, and don't have to go back for another 6 months!  The lymphoedema nurses are helping me to manage poor lymph drainage due to surgery and radiotherapy, so it looks as though I'll be enjoying my holiday home on the Isle of Wight for another year at least, hopefully more!