'I Survived Thyroid  Cancer But My Relationship Didn't' is a short read but is fairly informative for the newly diagnosed.  I can sympathise with Janelle's plight, having had papillary thyroid cancer myself.  Janelle speaks of symptoms that I haven't had (brain fog and irritability) which she blames on synthetic thyroxine, but after changing her medication to a more natural form these symptoms subsided.  I also learned about a water flosser which I hadn't heard of before!  At the end of the book Janelle was still fighting her battle, and so an update would be good.

I agree with the author that thyroid cancer is definitely not a 'good' cancer, as doctors often tell us (I was told this myself).  Due to all the radiation treatment I've had I now have many side-effects which will be lifelong.  

I give this book 4 stars as it is helpful.  There is one mistake in the book where a patient low on thyroxine is classed as hyperthyroid and it should be 'hypothyroid', but other than that it is a short but interesting read.

Review by Glenda Shepherd 10/9/20