We're all looking forward to being let out of lockdown.  I for one cannot wait to get down to the Isle of Wight ferry terminal and sail over the Solent to my caravan.  The winter has been long and tedious, with not much to do except go out for walks, ride my bike, and write fiction stories.  I've only really just been able to go back to work, as I didn't think it was safe enough during January.  However, after just one week at work my phone app told me to self-isolate!  I suppose I'm lucky in that so far I've been Rona-free.  How about you?


There's something cheering about daffodils.  If you ever visit Nowton Park in Bury St. Edmunds while the daffs are out you'll see what Wordsworth meant.   Lockdown will soon be lifted, and my spirits dance with the daffodils.


I had my first dose of Coronavirus vaccine on 5th March, and the symptoms of a sore, hot, red, itchy arm have only just resolved.  Should I have a second dose? What do you think?  I'm undecided at the moment.


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Well, I plucked up enough courage last week to have a second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine.  This time they injected my leg instead of my arm, which gave me a sore leg and achy joints,  but only for 5 days this time.  Whoop whoop - 3rd vaccine in May 2022.  Oh yes, and I also had another clear scan and good blood results recently too.  My cup of happiness runneth over...


Finally decided to get something done about my radiation-damaged right eye, which waters constantly.  I've got an appointment to see an ophthalmic surgeon this month with a view to having a Lester Jones tube inserted.

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